How to Measure the Performance of Marketing Activities with UTM Code?

In the digital world, which enables performance-oriented measurement of the marketing activities, advertising campaigns and digital content of brands, the UTM code offers the opportunity to evaluate the channels through which the returns provided by the users and which activities are effective. UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. UTM codes, which help us to measure in digital marketing activities and reach performance analysis, are the code snippets added to the back of the link we will use.

These code snippets, which help us to measure the recycling of digital marketing operations and analyze how efficient results we achieve, allow Google Analytics to interpret the behaviors of users, the campaign they come from, the path they reach, the device they use and the operating system. After the UTM codes start to provide traffic, the traffic and conversions provided are analyzed from the acquisition section in the Google Analytics tool.

The UTM code shows which of the banner works published on different pages with different sizes but reaching the same link, which you get the most positive feedback and which banner work you should turn to in your next activities. The same is true for Facebook ads and backlink operations.

How to Generate UTM Code?

We can generate the UTM code ourselves, and it can also be done with the help of Google URL Generator. UTM creates after a question mark is added to the end of the URL on our campaign page. There are 5 parameters when generating the UTM code.

While creating the UTM code, Source (source), Medium (vehicle), Campaign (campaign name) stand out as the parameters that must be defined. If we list the UTM parameters:

  • utm_campaign: Refers to the name of the campaign. It is one of the mandatory parameters.
  • utm_source: Indicates the source of the campaign link. It is one of the mandatory parameters.
  • utm_medium: Refers to the campaign tool. It is another mandatory parameter.
  • utm_term: The keyword to be included in the campaign.
  • utm_content: Means the content of the campaign.

The parameters we mentioned above, to our link? It connects with symbol, each parameter is combined with ampersand to create UTM code.

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