How Much We Remember Commercial Films: Animated Commercial Films

Animated commercials; It has brought a catchy and entertaining feature to the advertising and marketing sector with humor, stylized characters, characterized animations, fiction and storytelling.

Animation advertising technique that contributes to the correct construction of the corporate image in intense competition; It allows the use of effective communication tools to reach consumers, who are the target audience, through a service or product. With this technique, which facilitates the dynamic and sympathetic interpretation of the messages to be given by the target audience, a strong bridge is formed between the producer and the consumer, thanks to the catchy and constantly renewed dynamics.

There are a few important points to consider in animated commercials:

It is important to highlight the distinguishing aspect of the products among the numerous product ranges, to minimize the distance between the producer and the consumer and to suggest continuous consumption, as well as to influence the behavior of the consumer. To convey the motivation that will mobilize the consumers with an animated commercial; It is one of the most basic points to be targeted.

So, what should the animated commercial film contain? This question, the consumer wants to reach; We can answer that it should include cultural elements, social values and life conveniences. Advertising; It is in a rational relationship with the cultural values, demands and lives of societies. These dynamics should always be considered.

Animated commercials; In order to provide information about the services of institutions and to increase the sales of their products, it provides the opportunity to express the problems in daily life, which is at the basis of the concept of advertising, and to produce solutions. It enables us to reach the target audience by presenting this with a sincere language and reflecting it with a realistic narrative style.

We should underline that successfully implemented animation films have a great power that can directly interact with the social and cultural values of individuals of all ages and groups living in different parts and areas of the country. Supporting the powerful effect of animation with rhyming discourses that can be caught in the language of the target audience will also make the place in the minds more solid and unforgettable.

Dwt Mandalina / Hale Nur Savaşçı / Art Director

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