Using Emoji as Communication Language in Advertising Campaigns

Communication manifests itself at every point where there is live interaction. Along with the digital revolution, the communication skill that people prefer in order to transfer feelings, thoughts, information and news to each other has also begun to change.

A rapid development emerged with the support of technology. With the influence of technology, the communication channels used to convey the message diversified and gained momentum. This situation brought with it the discovery of digital communication. Thanks to digital communication, the speed of people’s communication has gained momentum so that their messages can be transmitted instantly to many parts of the world. With the effect of this speed, people now prefer to use the communication language called emoji in order to express their feelings faster in their messages.

A New Communication Language Is Born!

With the popular culture shaping human life, the languages of communication also change and develop regularly. As one of the new communication languages, emojis are graphic elements that allow more than one thing to be told with a single icon. With the developing technology, the use of smartphones has become widespread and the use of emojis in daily correspondence has increased. This situation led to the diversification and development of emojis by software companies.

Today, the increase in people’s interest in emojis has been effectively reflected in the activities in the advertising and marketing sector. Advertising agencies have been using emojis to increase interest in their advertising campaigns they have recently produced for digital and print media. There are a few key reasons why campaigns using emojis are powerfully successful:

The first reason we come across is that emojis are a graphic element known to the majority. Another reason is the effective use of the communication tool features of emojis in the strategy followed by the brand in design.

Why Do We Use Emojis?

What is the reason why emojis are frequently preferred by users in written communications in digital environment? Graphic formations, which we call emoji, are a means of conveying the message clearly without the need to explain the expression in long sentences. Users say that emojis reduce ambiguity in their correspondence and expressions. They also stated that it is a mediator in the formation of emotional bonds and increases the quality of communication.

Emojis; Since it contains various contents such as emotional states, animals, plants, food, activities, it enriched the communication established with digital correspondence. Because each of these emojis has semantic and emotional functionality. Emojis offer emotional functionality by expressing emotions more clearly in digital correspondence.

What Advantages Did Emojis Provide to Brands?

Brands that offer services or products in a particular field use various ways to introduce themselves to the masses. Advertising campaigns are one of them. Advertising campaigns can be diversified as digital and print. Brands often effectively express the message they want to announce in their advertising campaigns with their preferred narrative language.

Advertising campaigns are one of the most effective promotional resources for brands. For this reason, it is important to reflect the message that the brand wants to convey in the most successful and correct way in the strategy determined while planning the advertising campaign. Since it affects this situation, the elements to be used in the campaigns must be in relation with the message to be given.

The popularity and widespread use of emojis has turned into a great advantage for brands and advertising agencies. Recently, we see that more and more brands use emoji in their advertisement images on social media. According to a study by WordStream, using emoji in a social media message increases engagement by 25% compared to messages without emoji. Beyond these statistics, emoji can help identify and appeal to the emotions of the target audience on a deeper level. When the audience trusts the brand, they tend to stay loyal to it and recommend it to others.

The use of emoji can add an extra level of personality and identity to the brand. Emojis used in daily messaging, chat and social sharing can also personify the brand and help it establish an emotional connection with the consumer. Just as an exclamation point in a text message changes the tone of the message, the use of emoji in ads can convey emotions that cannot be conveyed in text alone. In this context, although emojis cannot replace the text, they can add depth and meaning to the advertising message along with the text.

Dwt Mandalina / Yiğit Şahinöz / Art Director

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