Emotional Marketing Tactics to Increase E-Commerce Sales

How effective are emotions in stimulating e-commerce activities, increasing sales of products or services, and improving brand equity?

The influence of emotions in purchasing decisions and taking action is undeniably large and powerful. Including the dynamic, which has such a great impact on consumers, in the marketing process is an important factor in the growth of brands. Making it easier for an e-commerce brand to take action in the digital world by touching the emotions of its target audience; Emotional marketing, through which tactics can be applied, let’s examine together:

The Honor Method Increases Engagement

Factors such as a different direction, a criterion or action that your brand will have; It is important in triggering the consumer’s loyalty to the brand. Why should the consumer be honored to have chosen you? You can find the step you need to take by answering this question within your product and service area. For example, is it your nature-friendly approach, your awareness and sensitive brand perception, a strong benefit you provide, your generous and thoughtful steps? In a way, you can take action to differentiate your brand and make the consumer feel honored with their shopping.

Excitement Triggers Action

Another step where you can increase sales rates with emotional marketing; focus on the feeling of excitement! Try to present your advertising campaigns, discount processes, announcements about an innovation you have made, in an exciting tone.

Your digital ads, mailings etc. It is important at this point to create a text and design language that will excite the target audience in your steps. Coming up with a striking design as well as how you sound will contribute to this process. Consider metrics such as color usage, design language, sentence structures, punctuation as a whole. It will be easier for the consumer, who is faced with a campaign that creates a sense of excitement, to take a step to take action.

Don’t Forget Curiosity

Curiosity is another of the most important dynamics on the road to sales. Consumers tend to be more inclined towards products and services that arouse curiosity and interest. For this reason, you can adopt a language that will attract and guide users to the next step while creating your content, e-mails and banner designs in the digital world. When you set up the process in a way that encourages action, you can activate consumers. As a result of your campaigns through different digital channels, you can encourage users to buy by directing them to your website.

Build a Sense of Urgency

In your campaigns where you will set a time limit, your returns will be higher. Announcing a campaign that is valid for a certain period of time to users will trigger worrying emotions such as being late or missing, which will create an urge to take action.

Addressing the emotions of consumers will increase the sales made through digital platforms as well as improve loyalty and loyalty to the brand. By applying emotional marketing tactics, you can increase your brand value, which is very important with your sales.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Copywriter

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