How to Reduce the Inconvenience of Ads?

Due to digitalization, the desire to access content directly, and the reduced tolerance to message and information pollution, consumers have developed a negative sensitivity to wards advertisements. However, it is not possible forbrands to give up advertisements, which are indispensable for the marketing world. In thiscase, we see “How can advertising work be done without gaining the antipathy of the target audience?” question arises

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to; is the message given by the advertisement. The factors that reduce the possibility of making the message contained in the advertisement a subject of discussion;

  • Not making claims
  • To lower the tone of the allegations, not to become aggressive
  • Positioning the given information not as something new, but as an already known fact
  • Adding fun and humor elements to the message

In addition to these elements; It would be beneficial to call out and think in the audience position without imposing responsibility or addressing the target audience directly.

You Shouldn’t Interrupt the Entertainment of the Target Audience

Secondly, you should not come across when the target audience is entertained, excited andcuriosity is high. Frequent communication at these moments may create a negative situation. Although the prime time generation is of course very attractive to brand managers, you should pay attention to the frequency of communication so that there is no antipathy for your brand.

The Tactics You Will Apply Will Make Your Advertisement Out Of Boredom

Care should be taken to organize your advertisement in a way that will allow the target audience to have fun and use it as a tool in their lives. For example, if you are a food brand and your target audience is young / middle aged, you can create commercials that their children will watch and love. If your advertisement has qualities that will allow children to repeat and have fun, it will also attract the attention of parents.

You Can Use the Damification Tactic

You can reward the audience that watches your ads. This tactic is well suited for digitalplatforms. By placing visual codes in your ad, you can integrate it with promotional activitiesand use gamification solutions.

You can get professional help if you need support to improve the perception of your ads and buildad models that empathize with your target audience.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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