Have a Story for Your Brand!

Nowadays,  brands take advantage of the power of stories in order to attract the attention of the target audience, create a bond with the consumer and strengthen brand positioning.

Creating a story that reflects the truth, appeals to the emotions, and tells the brand’s values and purpose of existence; offers the key to building brand loyalty. The fact that the story has such a strong impact on consumers is one of the most important points that mobilize brands.

Brands can achieve impressive power over their target audiences with a story that tells how the brand emerged, emphasizes the events that affect its existence, and how it has an impact on the formation of the mission. Let’s take a look at the 3 important brand story dynamics that will enable the consumer to have a place in the mind and connect with your brand with a remarkable story:

Talk About Current Situation

While presenting the current state of your brand, revealing your values, the elements you believe in, why you set out on this journey and the perception you want to create about the brand, and making a short introduction speech that explains yourself to the consumer will allow you to capture the sincere atmosphere in the story. Then, revive your story with the conflict section where you reflect the ongoing events in the emergence of your brand and provide the effect that will activate the emotions of the consumer, and ensure that the hero you created is placed in a strong point in the mind of the consumer by glorifying it with the solutions it offers.

Highlight the Area of ​​Conflict in Your Story

Creating a story with elements that will stimulate emotions is the first step that will make it easier to get a place in the consumer’s mind. While talking about the paths your brand has passed, integrating the emotional situations such as the difficulties encountered in the process, the struggles, and the defeats experienced in the process with all transparency into your story will make it easier for you to capture the consumer emotionally, to reconcile it with itself and to feel closer to the brand.

A monotonous narrative, a story of perfect and unproblematic situations will cause a loss of credibility. Nowadays, consumers are following the stories they see close to them and gaining brand loyalty. But uncovering areas of conflict is not the only thing that can make a story strong. Describing the current state of the brand, then getting excited about its conflict and explaining how the brand offers a solution after the issue will help you drag consumers into a flowing story.

Offer a Solution

Reveal the difference it creates with the solutions it offers after turning your brand into a powerful icon, which faces problems and leaves certain difficulties behind. Explaining how existing problems are resolved will support the establishment of a trust-building brand identity. Use the power of the solution section, which will emphasize that you are now becoming a stronger brand after the problems experienced and that you are taking firm steps, so that the consumers are satisfied while listening to your story and can connect with your brand.

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Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İLDİZ / Advertising Writer

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