What Is Curious About The Digital World: How Should It Be Sharing Frequency On Social Media?

In addition to personal account and usage experiences, social media continues to rise in the digital age as a platform where business professionals also show their presence. From social media, where brands take steps by preparing specific strategies; They expect high interaction.

The most important trick of providing interaction is to decide how often to share. In this content, we have evaluated how the sharing frequencies should be determined on certain social media platforms in order to attract the attention of the users, to catch the right moment and to warn them to take action, to achieve the targeted goal without being unobtrusive with excessive posts:

Do Not Miss the Target Audience by Consecutive Excess Shares!

In the digital age where social media platforms are accessed many times during the day, countless content is encountered, and the effort to provide likes and interactions is becoming increasingly difficult. Brands move by taking careful steps and observing statistics; It will make it easier for them to reach their social media goals and protect their brand image.

Especially, one of the most critical points to be avoided is to squeeze the target audience with posts and cause them to stop following by reducing the desire to meet the brand. For this reason, social media, which has a delicate balance, requires a meticulously created sharing plan for each channel. While some platforms offer a target audience that can be shared two or three times a day, on others it may be better to share it every two days. Analyzing the dynamics of each medium correctly and sharing it will provide an advantage for brands, neither too much nor too much.

Act in Accordance With the Dynamics of Every Medium!

The frequency and planning of sharing on social media platforms with different user groups also depends on the characteristics of the users, age groups, habits, etc. It should be created considering points such as. If we look at the estimated sharing frequency rates according to different social media channels:

  • Facebook:

The frequency of sharing on Facebook, which is used today for the purpose of obtaining information on certain subjects and being a member of various groups related to their interests, varies depending on the size of the brands. The growing brands’ sharing more than once a day may cause their interactions to decrease. For brands with more than 10,000 followers, posting more than once a day on Facebook is not a disadvantage.

  • Twitter:

Being today’s news source, Twitter stands out as an active and flexible platform where brands can post more frequently. As the number of tweets posted increases, the interaction provided increases and allows an increase in the number of followers.

  • Instagram:

In order to be visible in the rapidly changing flow of Insatgram, which is built on one of the most popular social media channels, photo and video shares, 1 share per day is ideal, while setting a limit with a maximum of 2 shares is one of the right steps for brands. To include story works in sharing plans as story sharing is preferred more nowadays; It will help the target audience to be caught more easily.

  • YouTube:

YouTube, one of the richest content resources in the digital world, determines its position as the most used social media network, especially for the generation Z to obtain information about every step they take. For video content that has the feature of being effective in the long term, it is seen as an ideal number to share videos on YouTube once a week.

  • Linkedin:

The meeting point of business professionals, LinkedIn is considered as a channel suitable for sharing, 1 on weekdays to have an active page and increase interaction with connections. On LinkedIn, which is driven by developments in the business world, a sharing plan can be created on weekdays instead of weekend, and the interaction rate to be provided with connections can be increased.

The most guiding thing to proceed with the right steps and to create a sharing plan in social media channels that vary according to different rates and statistics will be to know and define your brand correctly. Analyzing details such as your brand’s goals, location, target audience and promises accurately and determining a roadmap in social media will strengthen your presence in the digital world. You can contact us to get professional support in the field of social media and to realize the most accurate planning that your brand needs.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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