Why Should Companies Be on LinkedIn?

Offering a special experience to business professionals, LinkedIn is increasing its popularity and users as the largest business network in the world. In addition to personal accounts, LinkedIn is one of the indispensable platforms today, where companies of all sizes are also active with business accounts.

Building a wide network, strengthening business relationships, supporting brand image and reputation, serving as a human resources tool in recruitment processes are among the main benefits LinkedIn provides to companies. Unlike other social media platforms, why should companies take place on LinkedIn, which hosts professionals, we discussed in this content. Let’s take a look together:

Strong Brand Image

Linkedin stands out as a necessary medium, such as a website, that appears in the search engine results of companies and provides access to all information about the company. A complete business profile with summary information and information that strengthens the company’s presentation is also one of the steps that ensures a strong brand image. Companies on LinkedIn, built on professional business relationships, strengthen their brand reputation by increasing brand awareness. By creating an up-to-date and active business profile, the digital face of brands can stand out on LinkedIn, and the brand image can be supported with a professional identity.

Opportunity to Reflect Corporate Culture

LinkedIn is one of the most accurate channels to reflect the corporate culture that enhances the power of companies and to integrate it into content and transfer it to the target audience through posts. In order to promote the elements that make up the company and display a strong image with the corporate culture, companies should benefit from the beneficial aspects of LinkedIn and support their professional appearance with their digital profile.

Advanced Network

Linkedin, the address of companies that want to announce the brand name, directly reach people with the same interests, strengthen their business relations and create a wide network, is used as a digital tool to easily achieve all these goals. Providing the opportunity to build a community around the brand and reach more people, LinkedIn provides increased visibility of the company when used with the right steps. A company profile with increased visibility ensures growth by expanding business opportunities in parallel with this situation.

A New Channel in Recruitment Processes: LinkedIn

In the digital age, where traditional methods are beginning to lose their popularity, recruitment processes and human resources policies have also entered a process of change. Shaped with the focus of sharing and interaction regarding business life, LinkedIn started to stand out as a human resources tool in the recruitment processes of companies. Companies now use this platform, which is increasingly professional in order to recruit staff and reach potential candidates, and announce their job postings on LinkedIn.

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Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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