How is Organic Access Provided on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is among the channels that have performed above expectations in recent years. It offers very valuable marketing solutions especially for B2B brands. As in every medium, it is important to establish an organic communication with the target audience in this medium, but when it comes to LinkedIn, question marks appear in the minds of brand managers. That’s why we’ve prepared ways to gain organic reach on LinkedIn to guide brand managers.

Continuous Communication with the Right Audience Requires Consistency

Do not start sharing without determining your content and creating a road map. Determine the right content and interaction goals that may be suitable for this channel. Check the LinkedIn Analytics page regularly to see what’s working.

Deliver Value To Your Target Audience

A successful content strategy on LinkedIn should invite and capture the target audience. If you want to gain access organically, prioritize content that will be useful to your target audience. The question you should ask yourself should be “What does my target audience need to learn in business life and the industry, what is their expectation and how can we meet this?”. Focus on the answers to these questions to add value.

Experiment for Proper Sharing Time

According to LinkedIn’s statements, sharing at least one meaningful and consistent content a day enables the interaction network to develop. There is also an increase in the interaction rate of content published in the morning and after working hours. However, be sure to observe at what times your target audience consumes content. Experiment to find the best time.

Strengthen Visual Language

Instead of making text-only updates, use rich visual solutions such as videos to make your page dynamic and make your post stand out. Note that you can post videos with captions on your LinkedIn page. This grabs attention and increases your chances of expanding your reach. According to the research conducted by LinkedIn; Members are 20 times more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other type of post. To create engaging and professional video content for LinkedIn or to shoot inhouse, seek guidance from a creative agency.

Check Your Contents

If you want to enrich your stream with new content but can’t find something fresh, consider what you’ve got. Use infographics, blog posts, videos, events, links, ebooks, and webinars to share your brand story.

Respond to Comments

Make sure to use the “social” part of social media by encouraging your community to interact with you, respond to comments and show your audience that you give value.

Take advantage of hashtags

Tags can be searched on LinkedIn and members can click the tag links to find similar posts. Using tags in your LinkedIn posts helps members discover and participate in relevant conversations.

Encourage Your Audience to Take Action

Once you’ve captured the audience’s attention, take this opportunity. Encourage your audience to do something by adding a call to action in your posts.

Apply for Professional Support on LinkedIn

Get professional support on issues such as monthly metrics evaluation, content management, broadcast schedule. If you are curious, contact LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and ask them to guide you with their research. Become a partner with a creative agency that will guide you for creative solutions of your content.

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