Strategies May Also Die

One of the issues to be learned but overlooked in brand management and communication is that strategies are not immortal. No strategy can live forever, no matter how good it is, it loses its function after a while, it reaches the end of its life.

A Rapidly Changing World Is Shortening The Life Cycle of Strategies

The loss of validity of the strategies over time should not be considered as the failure of the strategist or brand manager. Like everything that is put into practice or planned, strategies have a lifetime. So what are the causes of strategies death?

Replication: Innovative strategies that offer innovative ideas lose their effectiveness over time because your competitors imitate you. For example, the Android platform imitates iOS in many ways. We often encounter examples of this in technology companies, but whatever your industry is, your unique sales promise will be imitated and die.

Replacing New: Strategies that find an effective way to meet the needs of customers and consumers can easily replace the old ones and the old strategy dies. The same law applies to product development and demand generation.

Loss of Power: While strong or new competitors drive the company to destruction in different areas, the strategy prepared by the communicator comes to an end. A company that successfully completes its digital transformation can crush your traditional company with a very good communication strategy. In order for the strategy to survive in such a situation, it must be economically supported in the face of increasing competition and timely followed by the strategist’s suggestions.

Strategy Gives Warning Signals That the End Is Approaching

Strategies don’t die suddenly, they progress slowly like cancer, and the more late you are to intervene, the more fatal. If you follow the developments, you can see that the strategy has come to an end and you can intervene without harming your company. Signs that the strategy is approaching the end for brand managers can be listed as follows; decreasing profit margins, decline in value productivity, new products not providing expected returns, a downward line in pricing trends, etc. When you don’t concentrate on these warning signs, you may find the strategy you trust collapses.

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