How Can Brand Managers Communicate Efficiently With Their Solution Partners?

In order for successful communication plans to be realized, it is important to develop a strong and solution-oriented dialogue between creative solution partners and brand managers. It is valuable for a good cooperation that the brand side can effectively explain its qualifications to the agency, production and media planning teams and share its knowledge with solution partners by conducting internal analyzes.

Comprehensive and numerous information is available in many processes from the first day of establishment of a brand to its future goals. If we list the information you need to give to your solution partners in a general framework;

Analyze Business Condition

In the first step to explain your brand’s goals to your business partners; you should ask the question ”Where are we?”. This question will allow you to make a comprehensive current situation analysis and give your solution partners a good start. In the current situation analysis, you should mainly make the following evaluations;

  • Analyze the company’s duties, authorities, performance, problems, potential, corporate culture, human resources, technological level, etc.
  • Complete the environmental analysis by examining the positive and negative aspects of external conditions and the ecosystem in which the business operates.
  • Evaluate the problems and opportunities the business may face in the future.

Compare Your Information

After completing the assessment of the internal conditions, you should compare the information you have obtained with meaningful standards. You should evaluate your competitors to determine their competitive advantage. You should identify what your current or potential competitors do well and what they can do well in the future, taking into account their abilities. Since you know the dynamics of your sector best, you should guide your solution partners in this regard.

Develop Scenarios

You should develop alternative scenarios for what might happen in the future in the light of your evaluations. These scenarios should be divided into two as positive and negative, and should give your solution partners an idea about possible situations for your industry. The scenarios you will develop will enable you to create crisis plans by helping you see your strengths and weaknesses.

Target Your Goals and Develop

You should strive from hard-to-follow goals and communicate your main goals consistently and clearly to your solution partners. It may be a good idea to divide them into headings to determine your goals in a healthy way, so you can clarify which category of goals you should convey to your solution partners.

Basically, working on the analysis and evaluation of the above items will be a facilitator for your solution partners and will provide efficiency to your brand in terms of time and cost.

Dwt Mandalina / Nurettin YAY / Head of the Agency

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