Importance and Steps of Image Research

Many brands make marketing moves according to the impression they anticipate, not according to what kind of trace they leave in the minds of the consumers, and this causes a decrease in communication performance and time-cost losses.

For this reason, brands should learn the current thoughts and associations before creating an image in the mind of the target audience or trying to change it, and allocate research budget and time for this study.

The first step of image research; it should be determined which qualities are important in the minds of people about the category to be researched, and the research of your brand’s characteristics that differ from other brands in general.

Learning what information people have especially about your brand or company and how your brand is associated with it is one of the most crucial parts of these researches.

For example; While your brand has a wide range of products, people may know you with a single product or may be unaware of your competitive power.

Learning the existing information and connotations will enable you to create an action plan by reviewing incorrect or incomplete information about you.

In the second step of image research; you need to determine how you want your brand to be perceived. Finding the answer to the question of what image elements your institution and target audience should have will enable you to take the right steps.

After the brand managers decide what image they want to convey, the effectiveness of corporate communication should be evaluated and the perception of the target audience should be evaluated continuously.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Strategist

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