How Can You Capture Your Brand-Specific Style?

One of the ways to get rid of categorized marketing methods and reach the target audience mind and be distinguished is to develop a brand-specific style. Brand style, which is the original method of enhancing the effect of advertising and getting the maximum efficiency in communication, does not change and requires consistency. When you catch your brand style, your ads are not only looked at, they are noticed and the rate of recall of the messages given by the brand increases.

The first thing to do to create a unique style is to evaluate the constants of the brand. Thanks to these constants, a signature of the brand can be created in the consumer mind. But the constants of the brand should be seen as cues that activate memory, not as traps that limit creativity.

“So, what are the constants that are equivalent to the signature of the advertiser?”

The most basic constant of the brand is of course its name, but in cases where the name is withdrawn, there are constants that reflect the entire identity of the brand and remind the consumer of the brand anonymously. We can list these constants as follows;

Slogan; original expressions in advertisements in the form of a word or an idiom are invariants that remind the brand. However, since slogans are widely used in advertisements and original expressions are rare, it is a difficult variable to catch.

Sembol; bazı semboller markanın kendisi ile eş hale gelebilme başarısını göstermektedir. Başarılı bir sembol kullanımı marka adına bağımlılığı ortadan kaldırır. Örneğin biten bir reklamda Swoosh sembolünü gördüğümüzde o reklamın isme gerek duymadan Nike’a ait olduğunu biliriz. Bu etkisinden dolayı sembollerin stil konusunda etkili bir markalama aracı olduğunu söylemek mümkündür.

“A consistent brand strategy based on a strong symbol can provide enormous cost advantage in implementing communication programs.”

Actions and Gestures; The actions and gestures that are consistently included in communication activities give successful results in reminding the brand. The mental reach of the message increases, especially when it encourages the masses to imitate. The marketing message that comes into our lives as a pose in Hayat Maximum’da can be shown as an example to this situation.

Brand Server; it is one of the invariant in servers, which is the face of the brand. One of the most well-known examples is the KFC’s Colonel Sanders. However, this constant should not be confused with the vowel usage.

Brand Characters; Characters involved in communication work without a brand presenter also form a constant for style. The Michelin Doll is one of the characters that can be given as an example.

Music; music is one of the powerful reminders. The use of music suitable for the message increases the communication performance and enables the target audience to watch the advertisement voluntarily over and over again.

Colors; Colors, one of the most valuable constants of the brand, have gained enough strength to act as a reminder instead of the name, logo and slogan. These codes, which are included in the brand, can give positive results when considered as complementary to the style.

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Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Dijital Stratejist

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