The New Motto of Communication Agencies

” Mobile Is So Efficient ”

Mobile devices and digitalization have not only affected social processes, but also changed and improved the way we do business and our working order.

Even companies that did not become mobile during the pandemic changed their way of doing business by digitizing. This radical and rapid change brought about an increase in productivity both individually and institutionally.

Agencies Using Communication Technologies in the Best Way Continued to Provide Perfect Service

Employees who are mobilized with communication technologies have become one of the most important strategic resources of companies and institutions. Companies and agencies that preserved this strategic value in the business world, which faced an extraordinary situation like a pandemic, maintained their profitability rates while continuing to serve flawlessly. Moving away from the home-office-customer triangle enabled rapid response in all emergencies, while customer satisfaction and employee happiness came along with the process.

The Effect of Mobilization on Productivity

The inclusion of mobilization as an actor in the business world has many contributions in terms of efficiency. Of course, there is more than one reason for this. One of them is that teams can be in contact at any time and from anywhere, access information easily and create their own working environments. However, the most important effect of mobilization on corporate efficiency is the positive thoughts of employees and customers about the company.

Mobility, Performance and Egagement research conducted by EIU shows that; companies that adopt and implement a good mobile strategy not only increase productivity, but also increase employee loyalty and performance. Employees of such companies describe themselves as more productive, creative, happy and fair.

So, what should companies do to live the efficiency brought about by mobilization?

Generally recommended topics appear as follows;

Digital Context: Follow trends that concern your business on mobile.

Digital Opportunities: Take steps to improve your business in line with mobile technology trends.

Digital Threats: Identify the damages that mobilization can bring to your business and the processes that will be affected.

Digital Competence: Review your infrastructure, make sure you have the appropriate equipment, networks, and assistive technologies for digitization.

Digital Synergy: Find out how your stakeholders view the change your company and business model will undergo. While doing this, put the expectations of your employees and customers first.

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Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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