Inspiration in Ad Language

“To say a new word” and “to give a different message to the consumer” can become a difficult process for brands in the advertising world. Many ways are used to convey a different message than the previous communication studies. The creative message that is sought in many areas from concrete ideas to consumer insight, from brand story to cultural characteristics is sometimes not found.

Switching to a Different Frequency in Advertising Language Inspires

There is a new way of communication, a source of inspiration for communication in such times; change the style of expression! They say that how you say is as important as what you say. There is a similar situation for brands. Capturing a new angle and switching to a different frequency can be savior for both communications and brands.

Do you prefer your brand message to be memorable, focus on utility, tell about brand features, or own a space? Before the campaign, these questions should be answered first.

A Value Can Replace Brand Feature, New Roles Can Be Taken

The reason we want these questions answered is to switch messages to a previously unused path in both content and style by shifting them to a different frequency. For example, after years of emphasizing the feature of the product, you can be a defender of a value and go on a creative path.

Taking a New Path Does Not Create Marginal Changes in Brand Tone

However, while moving on this path, attention should be paid to preserving the communication tone adopted by the brand. The change in the delivery of the message does not mean that the communication tone of the brand has changed significantly. Looking from another perspective, addressing consumers in a different field should not cause the tone of communication to change. Of course, this transitional phase is not just about creativity, it is a valuable strategic decision to make. Therefore, if you decide to follow a different path, it will be useful to get support and consultancy from full service agencies with strategy teams.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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