Tips to Guide Your LinkedIn Content During a Period of Uncertainty

In the period of uncertainty that we entered as the world with the Covid-19 epidemic, the content that reflects the corporate culture, includes the employee and shows the working conditions, especially in the digital media where professionals such as LinkedIn, started to come to the fore. In today’s conditions where uncertainty prevails, reflecting these important details has become important in terms of increasing employee loyalty, strengthening customer trust and creating awareness.

With the increasing use of internet and social media during the pandemic period, there was a serious increase in the interest in digital platforms and the rate of users. LinkedIn has also managed to become one of these platforms. So, what kind of way can follow the corporate pages on LinkedIn turn into an advantage for brands in this process? Which criteria should be taken into consideration when presenting content, which points should be emphasized? We discussed these questions in the rest of our content. Let’s examine it together now:

Create Content That Reflects Your Corporate Culture

Since corporate culture is an integral part of your brand story and one of the aspects that you should always keep strong in your brand journey, pay attention to this point. In a period of uncertainty, try ways to show your employees that you have a strong corporate culture first and then to the other party. Try to mention the posts that show that you keep employee motivation high, the content that draws attention to the harmony you have achieved during the remote working period, the images from the virtual meetings, the issues that indicate that you have achieved business continuity and that you have adapted to the new normal period as a team.

Show Your Employees That You Support

Show how you can ensure your business continuity in the Covid-19 era, when many brands are moving to rotate or remote work. Take care to emphasize that you support your employees, increase productivity, achieve success in remote work, and what opportunities you offer. LinkedIn ranks first among the most important channels that you should use to promote employee-focused posts and corporate culture, and to invest with your content strategy. In this process, creating content in the style we focus on will enable you to turn the negative of the pandemic period into a plus for your brand.

Create Content From Your Managers’ Views

Use the opinions of your brand’s managers in content to support information sharing, reflect insights and include evaluations. Take care to present your publications as text and video to users continuously. Connect with your customers and employees who comment on your posts.

Maintain Transparency in Your Content

With Covid-19, feelings of confusion and uncertainty caused the trust problem to arise. To keep the trust in your brand strong, give importance to transparency. Be careful to share honest and clear information. Understand well how customer views in your area of ​​service take shape in times of uncertainty and try to find the questions that cross their minds. Use the opinions of the experts in your brand to answer these questions in the most impressive way. Convert the opinions of experts, teams and managers to LinkedIn content based on subject content.

Bring Your Customer-Centered Perspective to Your Content

Creating content that nurtures, informs and directs your customer community will help you keep the feeling of trust high. Be careful not to reflect only your own views, follow the comments and move forward with a communication strategy, answer questions. In the Covid-19 process, we discussed the main steps you can take on LinkedIn to help your brand move forward with strong steps against the chaos caused by uncertainty. You can also get a professional consultancy service in order to see the opportunities and apply the right strategies in a difficult process, and you can turn the pandemic period into an advantage for your brand.

Dwt Mandalina Advertising Agency / Dilşat İLDİZ / Copywriter

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