Why Is Brand Purpose Valuable?

The situations where a brand aims and struggles for more than making a profit lead us to the brand goal.

In addition to explaining the reason for the establishment and existence of the brand, the purpose of the brand also creates the brand value and supports the corporate culture.

Many brand managers can confuse purpose with vision. In order to avoid this confusion, we would like to briefly touch on the basic concepts.

The purpose of the brand can be found with the answer to the question of ‘’Why we exist?’’. However, the answer to this question should not be answers like making a profit, it should be close to a higher value.

The brand vision can be found with the question ”Where do we want to be?” We can call it the destination you want to be in the future.

Brand mission is what you need to do in line with your purpose and vision.

If we come to the definition of values; how your brand behaves in all these activities can be explained as what kind of attitude it exhibits.

Purpose is the 5P in Marketing!

Brand purpose added to 4P in marketing as 5th P should be easily perceivable by everyone working for the brand, succinctly and well expressed. A correctly determined brand goal both increases the strength of the brand and becomes a unique source of inspiration. According to the researches, brands that remain loyal to the purpose; shows high performance, grows three times faster than its competitors and is profitable in its investments. The aim, which also attracts new talents to the brand, also contributes to establishing deep bonds with people.

If you’re having trouble building a brand intent and aren’t sure where to start, it’s a good idea to take a look at the five most commonly used areas. These areas are;

– To awaken joy, to inspire happy moments – Building connections, keeping people together in a variety of ways – To pave the way for discoveries and encourage creativity – To provide prestige, to give pride – To influence society, to break taboos

Of course, you can create a purpose different from the fields listed above. If you have more questions about branding, you can get a professional agency service.

Dwt Mandalina Reklam Ajansı / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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