Certainty Is Nothing But Lack of Imagination

We make use of many branches of science in the advertising world; we understand human behavior with psychology, dynamics of society with sociology, innovation with engineering and technology sciences than we add some sparkle of creativity on them.

The value of all these branches of science that we use and utilize is extremely important for advertising, and even the reason why some of our colleagues fall in love with their work is this multidisciplinary approach.

Doubt makes advertising rise! Developing suspicion as a science, evaluating it as such, accepting its reputation, creates successful brands and communication studies, while destroying the conventional and banality in advertising.

Detox is Necessary for Mental Refreshment

Over time, the intellectual capital of every advertiser of every company is exhausted. For a new look, it is necessary to get rid of the past and sow the seeds of doubt in the mind. The simplest way to do this is to constantly question it, and you may have doubts. It is necessary to ask questions such as why is this insight in the written consumer expectations, why this insight exists in the insights found, why it is not like this in the creative texts, to escape the peace and to leave the comfort zone. Otherwise, ideas are produced with a rote-learning approach.

When there is no doubt about concepts, creative solutions, and strategic scenarios, laziness is followed by failure.

Of course, ideas to be prepared with suspicion and criticism take time. At this point, brand managers need to decide what they want, one-week deadlines should not be given for a work with out-of-the-box creativity.

Doubt Helps You Renew the Rules of the Game of Achievement I would like to express the value of doubt with a quote from Descartes for advertisers whose most valuable capital is creativity. “Certainty is nothing but a lack of imagination!” says Descartes. As long as there is no doubt, creativity does not develop, and why and why not questions are not asked. The absence of these questions also distracts the solutions from creativity. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask questions that will disturb you at every stage of every idea. Good visions come only after doubt and endless questions.

Dwt Mandalina Reklam Ajansı / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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