Making a Big Difference in Advertising: The Bird Feather Effect!

There are many reasons why communicators insist that you should continue advertising when there is a decrease in consumer disposable income and an increase in their tendency to be thrifty.

To be frank, unfortunately, at first glance, brand executives think that the agency or advertiser gave this valuable recommendation to keep making money. However, there are rational arguments behind this proposal that will turn to sales in the future. The most important part of these arguments is creating the feather effect.

A brand continues to communicate with its target audience under all circumstances, increasing the perceived popularity of the brand. The relationship between perceived popularity and purchasing behavior is also directly proportional. Thanks to the continuous communication that increases the perceived popularity, the feeling that so many people cannot be wrong and the idea of being the consumer of a strong brand even in times of crisis occurs. According to the consumer, these brands gain qualities such as reliable and the best. These feelings and qualities eliminate the hesitations of the consumer after the purchase. Hence, gaining popularity with ads acts as a positive reinforcement for the brand. The popularity, which constantly carries the habit of buying into the mind of the consumer without questioning the brand, creates a feather effect on the purchasing scale when competitors step in. Therefore, the feather effect can be a line of defense for brand managers to maintain an established market share.

Another advantage brands that succeeded in gaining the feather effect will gain from advertisements; is high visibility. A brand that everyone speaks about gives the message “Come on, join” to other consumers in its subtext. People are always eager to try out brands and products that everyone sees and talks about.

However, in the stages of perceived popularity and high visibility, as in every subject, brands should be very careful and find the right balance. Brands that do not receive professional support and start communicating with an aggressive action plan can quickly land at the same speed from where they left.

If you want to prevent this and maintain your brand communication without becoming impulsive; you can get support from a professional full service agency.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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