Why Do Advertisers Add Humor?

Many advertisers want to give their messages seriously while communicating with their target audience, but the bouncy (!) Young people of advertising agencies try to add the humor element to their work. Of course, communicators who try to approach the appropriate brand and appropriate target audience with elements of humor at the right time do not do this only to create a fun working model or have fun with their work.

Why Don’t Communicators Miss the Opportunity for Humor in Ads?

Humor is one of the easiest and most effective elements of attraction to remember. For this reason, it gives much more successful results than ads containing a plain message. We can explain the reason for this situation in three bullets;

  • Facts that make you laugh attract attention, attract attention, and arouse consumer desire to receive the message over and over again.
  • Humorous commercials are an area where there is no discussion. The audience receiving the message does not judge whether it is right or wrong.
  • Ads that contain humor have a chance to stay in memory for a long time because they are entertaining.

Humor in Communication Is No Joke!

However, despite all these advantages, using humor in advertising requires true professionalism and experience. Because humor can become powerful enough to overshadow the brand or message. To prevent this undesirable situation; the target audience must have encountered the brand before and had the right experience in branding.

While designing elements of humor, it should be ensured that the brand stands in front of the target audience at the right moments. It would also be useful to include the brand name and corporate identity elements in the closing lines that reinforce the message.

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Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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