What Does Instagram Statistics Say About Your Brand?

Instagram, which is one of the most effective channels used by brands for social media marketing, has more than 25 million business accounts according to current data. The statistics section that Instagram offers to business accounts in order to determine a strong strategy that reflects the brand identity, to direct the digital strategy determined by discovering user behaviors in the light of these data, is of great importance for marketing activities. Creating and sharing content is unfortunately insufficient to follow digital dynamics and stand out from thousands of competitors today.

Knowing more closely the users that make up the target audience with data and analysis, keeping track of their changing behaviors and getting insights based on the data helps brands to move forward with a successful strategy in social media marketing. In this content, we discussed the statistics section that gives important clues in Instagram marketing, from content planning to sharing time, to the algorithm that determines the post interaction. Let’s take a look at our content in which we answer the question of how to handle this data that will help highlight the brand instead of just sharing and standing aside within a weekly or monthly plan:

Pay Attention to When Users Are Active

After creating a content planning consisting of a specific language, strategy and concept, which is one of the first steps of social media marketing, another important step is when to present these contents to users. Most of the time, brands carry out marketing activities over a specific sharing calendar, but do not make the necessary effort to follow the ever-changing dynamics and user behavior of the digital.

The target audience and followers section in the Instagram statistics section offers important information that brands need at this point. By accessing the target audience and followers section through the Statistics tab, the most active day and hour data of the users owned by the brand can be accessed. These data give important clues about the sharing hours specific to the target audience of the brand. Regularly monitoring the behavior of the followers and determining the sharing hours in the focus of the analysis offered by Instagram helps the brand meet with the audience it wants to show its content and stand out. Time optimization for brand content and meeting the target audience at the right time by taking Instagram data into account is of great importance for marketing activities.

Track Growth Data for Changes in Followers

Another important dynamics in the target audience analysis in the Instagram statistics section is growth data. This section, which provides daily data and allows observing the changes in a certain time interval, weekly and monthly, creates a great advantage for updating the current strategy when followed regularly. The growth tab, which brings together data such as new followers, users who unfollowed, and after which days these behaviors occur, lists the important results that brands should follow for optimization.

Analyze Content Interactions

Listing interactions with Instagram content, the statistics section provides important data on the path that brands should follow in their content strategy. This section needs to be examined in detail and integrated into the digital strategy with a regular follow-up in order to analyze which types of content receive more interaction, to determine how interesting the created posts are for the target audience, and to maintain interaction. Effective evaluations can be made for the brand, such as the benefit of the tags used in the direction of Instagram statistics data, which provides a unique opportunity to conduct content analysis according to user behavior, differentiation of post types with low access, scheduling at the right time.

The Instagram statistics section, which offers more limited data compared to other social media platforms, but each tab produces very important analyzes for brands, creates a unique opportunity to internalize the obtained inferences and adapt them to the strategy. At this point, it becomes important to make the right optimization and to interpret the data. Working with a professional digital communication agency to interpret the data correctly and direct the strategy on Instagram, which is one of the most important platforms for social media marketing, will make it easier for brands to stand out.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İLDİZ

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