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Instagram is one of the most popular channels that support entrepreneurship and create a field of activity for online sales. Nowadays, while the number of brands that make sales on Instagram continues to increase, the same increase in competition in the market is experienced, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from thousands of accounts and create a successful sales strategy. Mistakes such as repetitive posts, non-interactive content strategies, incorrect ad targeting are the factors that lead to failure in Instagram sales. But what are the tips to help increase sales? We have listed the answer to this question in the rest of our content:

Create Corporate Brand Identity with Business Account

Avoiding an amateur profile view is one of the most important points to use Instagram efficiently as an online sales channel. Reflect professionalism by creating a business account and use the analysis privileges that this account offers to strengthen your strategy.

View the Biography Section as Your Shop Window

Think of your business account on Instagram as a store and present this store in a perfect showcase. Create a biography section that will keep the initial impact on user visits strong. List information that will introduce your brand with short and concise statements and present a trustworthy brand image to the other party first in this section. Make use of emojis in your descriptions to attract attention.

Pay Attention to High Quality Visual Use

Quality content is the most important criterion to differentiate your brand. So invest in image quality. Take care to shape your designs by using high resolution images. A profile created with images that are compatible with each other; It will make it easier for you to create a unity in the page layout.

Promote Benefit Instead of Product Oriented Content

Another tactic that will increase your performance in the sales you make on Instagram; what type of content your content is created. Unfortunately, simply pulling the product and putting it on will not be enough to attract the attention of the users. The content you present the usage areas of your products is one of the important tips that will help you catch the attraction you target.

Influence Visual Memory with Emojis

It should not be forgotten that instead of seeing Instagram as a shopping point, users use this platform for fun. The emojis you add to your comments, comments, and content will make it easier for you to make an impact on your visual memory while at the same time capturing the fun side of Instagram. Try to make your profile stand out with the use of emojis by following the trends.

Surprise with Campaigns and Promotions

In order for your brand to be discovered, to have a specific audience and to attract this audience, it has to offer a value to the users. Make a difference in the eyes of users with surprises such as specific campaigns, promotions, discounts and gifts to stimulate your sales activities. For example, try to confront your target audience with surprises such as free shipping, periodical offers, discount privileges.

Increase Stories Frequency for Interaction

Try to reshape your content strategy in this direction by following the changing dynamics of the Instagram algorithm. Story content now offers more interaction than posts. Try to get more engagement by increasing the number of your story content. Try to discover the most popular gifs and add them to your story posts to create content that grabs attention.

Create Specific Combinations Using Hashtags

Use the right hashtag that will be compatible and connected with your brand according to the industry you are in, the product range you have, and the target audience you are addressing. Using hashtags that are very popular but not related to your brand will not have an impact on your visibility. For this reason, try to choose hashtags that concern your target audience and industry. Instead of using the same hashtag in every post, go for combinations you create from certain hashtags. Using the same hashtags as copy and paste each time may result in these tags not producing a result.

Continuously Optimize Sharing Time According to Your Target Audience

Discover the most frequent times of your store for visitors with post statistics. Optimize your sharing time by determining the hours and days that users interact most on your Instagram page, which is your online store.

Include the Most Ideal Advertising Models in Your Marketing Process

Don’t ignore the power of advertising for your brand to be discovered. Use the most appropriate models from Instagram ads that offer the opportunity to meet new customers with the right targeting. Of course, quality content and the right strategy will make your brand stand out on Instagram. However, advertising constitutes the most important part of the sales activities of brands in order to reach more users and increase brand awareness.

Focus on User Engagement Instead of Likes

Instagram now evaluates the interaction based on the rate at which the post is saved and shared with other users instead of the number of likes. Aside from worrying about the number of likes, consider creating content that asks users questions, encourages them to answer, engages, and is worth sharing.

Make Micro Influencer Collaborations

Influencer collaboration has become an integral part of brand awareness activities. While micro influencer collaborations with a small but effective target audience are preferred more recently instead of accounts with many followers, it is important to choose the right people. You can collaborate with people called micro influencers that will expand your domain and bring efficiency to your sales activities, and you can discover ways to gain new customers. With its popularity and privileges for online sales, Instagram is increasing the number of business accounts every day. If you are planning to be on Instagram with a business account or are actively operating, you can take a step to increase your sales with the tactics listed above. If you have trouble taking time for this process, you can get a professional service for your Instagram marketing, and you can get the attention of users without lagging behind your competitors.

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