Why Do Brands That Perform Communication Works Inhouse Fail?

Communication agencies are often held responsible for economic recession, unpredictability or financial problems of the institution. Some brands make the wrong choice at such times and try to solve their communication works inhouse, not with the agency.

This way, which brands perceive as an economical and efficient, fast solution, causes a substantial decrease in communication performance, shaking of the brand image and losing its position in the market if it does not have a long training and planning process behind it. Considering that many local and national brands do not invest in inhouse communication and act with a sudden decision without including employees in the necessary training and orientation processes, this does not surprise communication professionals.

Questions may come to mind, such as “Why do inhouse solutions fail so much in the long run, what could be different from working with an agency?” In order to answer these questions at a simple level, I think it is necessary to talk about the operation of the agency.

The world of the inhouse team is limited to only one brand; this hurts productivity and creativity after a while. Ordinary and routine work arises. The fact that we do not see brands participating in creativity festivals with inhouse solutions actually explains this situation clearly enough.

In the agency, it is not possible to get stuck in the world of a brand; the team also works for other brands, tests their creativity in different areas, and the practice of establishing connections between different phenomena continues. If the same team has been working for a brand for a long time, different people take over the brand in order to prevent creative blindness. Thus, the brand is refreshed.

Another fundamental difference is; for inhouse solutions, the brand usually hires people who are experienced in visual fields. Consequently, there is a lack of important issues such as strategy, creative writing, and digital media expertise. At the agency, a team of at least 5 people serves in different areas for a brand.

Problems caused by lack of empathy should not be overlooked; the person working in-house becomes unhappy after a while and cannot be understood because he does not do the same or similar jobs with the people around him.

This corporate communication problem is reflected in performance after a while. At the agency, everyone understands each other, and the team, who has the chance to work in a comfortable and free environment, does creative work.

There are two options for brands that decide to work inhouse with economic concerns; they should either allocate more budget and time or settle for inadequate communication performance. This and many other reasons can be listed; to sum up, brands that are committed to inhouse solutions must plan the process, involve people who are trained in communication and advertising, create a team of at least 5 people, and constantly feed this team.

Dwt Mandalina / Nurettin Yay / Head of Agency

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