We are the communication partner of One Dose Health, which digitalises health services and makes them equal and easily accessible to everyone through the online platform. Our first step for One Dose Health, which is the digital face of healthcare services by developing a technology-based remote health application, was the innovative touches we made to its logo. We transformed it into a form that carries the values and vision of One Dose Health and is compatible with the brand identity

In order to create a strong communication strategy that will increase our creativity, we have completed studies ranging from One Dose Health’s reason for existence to its goals, from comprehensive target audience analysis to its brand promise. As a result of the analyzes in which we discovered the uniqueness of our brand, we determined the slogan “A New World in Health”.

We created concepts inspired by target audience insights in line with our brand strategy for One Dose Health, where we strengthened its position in the digital world with the work we integrated the slogan into social media communication. While determining the tone of communication, we developed content that enabled the target audience to connect with the brand. We have transformed One Dose Health, a digital health application, into an empathetic, solution-oriented and reliable brand

We successfully maintain the communication language of our brand in the digital world in our conventional solutions. We continue to support One Dose Health in all areas of communication, from brochures to corporate presentations, from magazine advertisements to fair activities, from internal communication to social media plans

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