We shared the dream of its founders, who aimed to build a new school with unique methodologies in education, and created Monte Bia Schools with our deep-rooted experience in communication. With our creative team, we first determined the name that reflects the brand vision and approach. When determining the brand name and slogan, we aimed for it to reflect the originality in education and we successfully carried this ideal into the creative process

We achieved integrity in our brand identity by continuing the mountain metaphor, which inspired the name and slogan, in the logo design. In corporate identity studies, we shaped the reflections of the mountain metaphor within the framework of a communication language we determined with strong color choices. We revealed our modern and innovative side with the minimalist lines we used in our brand’s corporate identity designs.

We created designs for Monte Bia Schools that emphasize their unique brand identity in every aspect of communication. We made our brand visible by carrying the communication language we created in corporate identity elements into promotional materials.

Our next stop in our branding journey, guided by the motto “White mountain of the knowledge valley”, was outdoor advertising campaigns. While introducing Monte Bia Schools to the masses, we took part in open air media with remarkable works in line with the registration-oriented communication strategy.

Simultaneously with our conventional communication efforts, we guided the digital communication process of our brand with the ideas of our experienced team. We created a bond between users and the brand by producing social media content with insights that capture the target audience. We took access-oriented steps with digital communication campaigns and exposed our brand to its target audience.

As the communication partner of Monte Bia Schools, which offers its students the opportunity to realize themselves with its individual learning approach, we continue to make every experience in the brand journey unique with our creative works.

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