Digital Tactics for Effective Event Marketing

Event marketing is an interaction-oriented and experiential marketing style that brands carry out within the scope of promotional activities, increase brand awareness and reinforce the target audience’s commitment to the brand. In addition to today’s rising competitive conditions, the pandemic that has been on our agenda for the past year has created compelling effects on event marketing. As the world, we have entered a new era in which digital trends are integrated into events. Organizing events that will enable brands to be visible has become possible with digital solutions. In this content, we will discuss the digital tactics that bring a new breath to the activity processes during the epidemic period. If you are ready, let’s take a look at the rest of our content:

Online Activities That Break Borders

Contrary to the usual events, digital events, in which online participation takes place regardless of the location, and the borders are almost eliminated, have become the focus of the brands. The event, which increases the promotional power of the brand, has an importance and value that cannot be shelved even under pandemic conditions. Online solutions are now available for events that provide a great advantage to the brand by establishing one-to-one contact with the target audience. It seems that organizing events with expanded boundaries in the virtual environment will remain on the agenda of the brands due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Experience-Oriented and Technology Supported Live Broadcasts

Watch rates of video content and participation in live broadcasts have been experiencing a rapid increase in recent years. Tactics such as breathing the air of the event with drone technology to the target audience, providing experiences that will allow them to take place and making them feel physically participating with digital solutions such as augmented reality constitute the developments that will shape the activities of the brands in the new period.

Powerful Event Management with Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, when events have started to move to digital platforms, it is becoming widespread to manage events through virtual assistants. Including artificial intelligence technology in event marketing activities creates the opportunity to complete the event processes without errors and more efficiently.

Social Media Communication for Promotional Activities

Social media offers unmissable opportunities to keep the event promotion strong and interact with a much wider audience. Using the power of social media in event marketing is one of the beneficial solutions for brands with content that will make you want to participate in the event, real-time posts, topics, participants and all kinds of information flow about the details.

Using Hashtags to Increase Interaction

The use of hashtags, which are determined specifically for the event, is very useful for measuring the strength of the interaction, as well as ensuring the circulation of all content related to the event on digital platforms. One of the first steps to a booming event is to find a hashtag linked to the event content!

Creating an Event-Specific Website

Creating a website to provide easy access to all information about the planned event with one click is one of the most common digital solutions used in event marketing. Creating a dynamic website that is constantly updated with renewed information for a trusting brand image and an effective event announcement is a must for event marketing.

Effective Email Marketing for Announcements and Developments

One of the most common ways to move event marketing to digital is e-mail marketing. Announcements, developments, personal information, etc. E-mail operations are one of the tactics that should be used in event marketing in order to deliver the details directly to the users.

The anxiety created by the changing conditions, the yet unpredictable future picture created completely different solutions for the events. With the digital transformation, activity processes that are already moving towards online platforms seem to be integrated with digital with the effect of the pandemic. With the technology support you can use in event marketing, you can plan resonant events and increase the promotional power of your brand.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İLDİZ/ Copywriter

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