The Cork Gastropub

The founders of The Cork Gastropub, who enjoy exploring different parts of the world and want to bring the local flavors of the countries they travel to with their guests, have been experiencing the happiness of realizing this dream with DWT Mandalina since 2017.

For Our Brand

We ensure that the audience we address with the communication works we prepare in both conventional and digital channels stay on track, awaken the desire to explore in their minds, and trigger the buying behavior.

Our entertaining and creative communication works that give The Cork’s brand image a young and dynamic identity; was deemed worthy of an award in the “Best Campaign in the Press” category in the 2018 Kırmızı Awards and in the “Best Single Channel Campaign in the Press” category in 2018 Kristal Elma Region Awards.


We continue to push the limits of creativity in order to achieve new goals with our brand with which we experience many successes in all areas of communication.