Our creative team managed the branding process and communication works of Savron Smart Media, which carries technology and innovation to the open air, provides growth, awareness and competitive advantage in brand new areas, and produces high-visibility advertising solutions in all streets of Izmir.

In our logo work that we designed by focusing on Savron Smart Media’s outdoor advertising applications; We symbolized the signals that the human eye transmits to the brain while perceiving the message with dynamic and rising lines extending to the right and left. Our team of writers continued the process after this logo work, which both our brand and we use fondly. Our new job; to produce an effective motto that reflects the brand’s vision, goals and field of activity. The slogan, “The City’s Eyes are on us”, which stood out among dozens of options, formed the basis of all communication activities we carry out today.

While attracting the attention of the city with the creative open air communication works we prepared for our brand, we also produced content works reflecting the dynamic and young spirit of our brand in social media channels. In the digital world, we sometimes discussed the insights, communication language and values of the people of Izmir, and sometimes we highlighted the strengths of our brand by talking to other channels that have communication problems with the target audience.