In 2015 the advertisement works we prepared for Pari Pet, which offers unique costumes and accessories for our lovely friends on online shopping platforms, was published in the 5th issue of Lürzer’s Archive, which includes the most creative works of the advertising world.

Our press advertisements we designed for Pari Pet; It was one of the unforgettable achievements for both us and our brand to take part in Lürzer’s Archive, which is known as the “biblical book of advertising”, which is accepted as one of the most important advertising literatures in the world and read by more than 38,000 advertising and marketing professionals all over the world.Pari Pet için tasarladığımız basın ilanlarımızın; “Reklamcılığın kutsal kitabı” olarak anılan, dünyanın en önemli reklamcılık literatürlerinden biri olarak kabul edilen, tüm dünyada 38.000’den fazla reklam ve pazarlama profesyoneli tarafından okunan Lürzer’s Archive’de yer alması hem bizim hem da markamız için unutulmaz başarılardan biriydi.

Following this development, which is a great source of motivation for us to take on a more productive, more innovative and more creative structuring, we are awarded in the 2016 Kırmızı Awards – Region  in the category of “Best Art Director in Press”, “Best Illustration in Press”, “Best Other in Press”.

In all the communication works we prepared for our brand, we first started by understanding the real behaviors and real decision-making processes of our target audience, then we expressed the message we want to give by focusing on accurate insights with the most original and striking expression style.