Since 2018 we are the communications partner of the Öncü Döner, that has serving with 59 branches in 36 provinces in Turkey. So, what have we done for our brand in this process? First of all, we determined our roadmap for the marketing and communication activities of our brand based on the analysis, research and predictions of our digital strategy team.

Subsequently, in order to further the market position of Öncü Döner and to increase target audience diversity, we renewed the identity and vision of our brand. By creating a more sincere, more humorous brand profile we have built our communication activities on the slogan of “Millions are addicted to its taste”.

In 2018 at the Kristal Elma Region Awards, we lived the happiness of receiving an award with Öncü Döner in ‘’Best Service Category in the Press’’.

We turned the story of our brand into a story of fame with the communication language we created in social media. We ensured that every content we shared received comments, liked and shared by our followers that make them smile. By integrating an original sense of humor into the products of our brand, we have won the sympathy of millions that we appeal to, and created the most original and entertaining communication concept in the food industry.

By carrying our colorful concept, which we have carried to every field of communication, to the branches of Öncü Döner, we designed effective advertising channels with zero budget.