DWT Tangerine became the full service agency of Knockout Wear, which was established in Texas and continues to grow in the United States by incorporating more than forty brands. By analyzing the dynamics of the market in which our brand operates, we manage the media budget by making creative moves.
We continue to carefully meet the communication needs of Knockout Wear, which offers quality, durable and timeless designs to fashion lovers in its eight stores, from corporate identity works to store dressings, from digital campaigns to its needs in conventional channels.
In this enjoyable communication process, we carry our creativity and communication solutions to different continents, we ensure that our brand takes its place in the showcase of digital world with its best form. From special day content to promotional campaigns, we highlight our brand’s attitude and style in every step we take.
We support our brand to connect with its target audience in the right place at the right time, with the work of our experienced, talented and dynamic team, which integrates many components of communication into its development.
Thanks to the strategic and creative approaches offered by our experienced team, we continue our efforts to implement effective communication solutions that will differentiate Knockout Wear in accordance with the conjuncture of the industry.