As one of the most important industrial facilities of our country with high technology capabilities, the world’s first and only fully integrated solar panel, which adds strength to the economy, was established with the target of 100% domestic production, employs 1,400 people, gathers 4 stages of solar panel production, including R&D, under one roof. The communication works of the Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory, which is the production center, are entrusted to the energetic creative team of our agency.

Based on the founding philosophy, values, vision and goals of our brand, we developed strategies that draw their energy from the right data and analysis, designed original and innovative corporate identity studies, created a communication language that reflects the young and dynamic spirit of our brand, and prepared integrated and integrated communication solutions that support its strong image and reputation.

We supported the innovative brand culture of Kalyon PV with our communication solutions that make a difference, we identified effective communication tactics by closely knowing the behaviors, motivations and instincts of our target audience, and we highlighted the strengths of our brand in every medium we take place in with the communication attitude and style we created.

As the communication partner of Kalyon PV, which produces clean energy for a Turkey with a sunny future, we continue to reflect our brand’s unique position in the renewable energy ecosystem in the most accurate way with the works we have prepared.

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