We are the new communication partner of Clinic Coffee, which was established to provide a delicious experience to real coffee lovers and welcomes its guests in two of Ankara’s most popular locations.

We started the solution partnership of our brand in the field of communication with the SWOT analysis we prepared. When we look at the analysis and the characteristics of the brand, we determined the communication language by seeing the uniqueness that we can focus on in our work.

In order to convey the brand promise and campaign message to the right target audience, we continued the process with target audience analysis. While conducting the target audience analysis, we observed the Clinic’s guests, evaluated the psychographic and demographic qualities of our audience. After evaluating our potential and existing audience, we conducted a comprehensive competition analysis for our brand.

What We Have Done

After these studies, it was time to combine data with creativity and we developed the concept of “Just Pure Coffee” for Clinic, which promises pure coffee and pure taste. We expanded the communication concept we determined from the social media to the printed applications of the brand.

For the visuals we will use in our communication works, we organized a successful and enjoyable photo shoot. We built the communication of the brand in the digital world under the guidance of trends. We continue to work with our writers, art directors, social media experts and strategists experienced in the food and beverage industry.

We work with pleasure for Clinic Coffee, which aims to offer its experience to a wider audience, and ensure that it establishes strong ties with its target audience.