In 2015, we started project-based work with Mir Sigorta, which strives to become a “solution partner” by going beyond being an insurance company that pays only for its customers, and directs its activities with the vision of being a social brand that increases the quality of life of the society with its rich range of solutions. In this process, we mainly produced ideas within the framework of creative advertising practices, and we communicated with our main audience by moving our products to the right channels.

We have strengthened our brand’s bond with both our agency and its target audience with our many creative communication works that include traces from the scenarios of disaster-themed movies, the story of the children who cause expenses while trying to make a sweet surprise to their father, the insight of the individuals who are left behind while on vacation, the life and reality.

So, as a communication agency, how did we support our brand in which areas? We managed the media budget by making smart moves by taking advantage of the recession periods of the sector in which our brand operates, and implemented effective communication practices that will differentiate Mir Sigorta in accordance with the conjuncture of the market.

In addition to all these, the crash advertisements prepared by our experienced, well-equipped and talented team in 2016 were published in Ads of the World, which includes the world’s most successful advertising efforts. Thanks to the strategic and creative approaches offered by our agency, we added new successes to our brand’s communication history.