We worked in all areas of communication, from the corporate identity works to creative campaigns for Yaşamsal Organik that keep the old beauties alive with 100% organic, healthy and hygienic food products.

We created the name and logo, which convey the spirit and philosophy of our brand, create an image in the minds regarding the qualities of the products it offers, and evoke its characteristic features in 2016 by getting to know our target audience closely and taking effective strategic steps.

In the first stage of our marketing and communication studies, we bring the organic pasta products to the forefront. We changed the perception given as a by-product rather than a meal, known to be satisfying but not seen as a single meal.

We have created an idealist brand that changes the balances with health in the fast consumption age with the packaging works we have prepared, the new communication language we create, the photo shoots where we capture the most beautiful frames of the products, the website contents that we consider inspired by the brand story, the catalog work we have designed with pleasure and many other printed applications.

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