Under the roof of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we started a unique social responsibility project in order to raise awareness of both the public and the professionals of the business about the transportation of dangerous goods and dangerous goods within the scope of the 10th anniversary of our being a party to the European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road.

In the first step, we searched for the causes of industrial accidents in our country and in our world, we searched the past to change the future. As a result of the meticulous work of our strategist and writer team, we made a due diligence. Problem; We started to produce solutions by determining people’s ignorance of dangerous goods and transportation.

In this context, we determined the motto of our campaign, “Know the Danger, Live Safe”, which clearly expresses the project’s goal and the message it wants to give. We created the logo work of the project inspired by the warning signs.

After the corporate identity studies, we prepared a public spot scenario in order to attract the attention and interest of our target audience. The main protagonist of the script; We identified him as a charismatic, cold-looking but emotional character who represents dangerous matter. “I am dangerous substance. I want humanity, nature and lives to be safe more than you, so listen to me very well. ” We enabled the dangerous substance to communicate with people. We have also carried the dangerous substance to social media, which explains that the biggest cause of industrial, chemical and technological accidents that have caused many damages to life and lives is actually ignorance until this time. By transforming social media platforms into an educational medium where everyone can learn new information, we raised the awareness of countless people.

We continue to work on the project with our creative team in order to increase the awareness we have created in society against this problem that threatens our future.