Since 2013, we have been the communication partner of Simitçi Dünyası, one of the brands that best handles the concept of oven and kitchen cafe. Our brand has the ability that combines the deep knowledge of the traditional culture and innovation. Simitçi Dünyası is a meeting point for its guests in Turkey, Asia, Europe and MENA countries.

We have been with our brand in all areas of communication, from corporate identity works to store and vehicle dressings, from menu designs to in-branch posters, from franchise booklets to product catalogs, from packaging design to canvas applications, from magazine-newspaper ads to social media content, from corporate web design support to international promotional activities.

We have developed the ability of our brand to connect with the consumers in the right place at the right time with our work, which we shine with the skills of our fast, young and dynamic team, which absorbs many components of communication from data analytics to performance marketing.

When we started working together, the brand had 29 dealers, today we deliver to more than 130 dealers in Turkey and abroad. We managed the growth process with our successful organization. Together we took advantage of the Turquailty support program. We created communication works published in Germany, Netherlands, Oman and Canada countries by reading cultural codes well to our brand that exceeds its limits.

Simitçi Dünyası, which has created its own ecosystem in the franchising sector after this process that we have carried out with care, has also entrusted its sub-brands Bistory and Börek Hattı to the capabilities of our agency. In a period where brand-agency relations are weakened and long-term partnerships are decreasing, we have always strengthen our bond with Simitçi Dünyası.

As DWT Mandalina family; we continue to maintain our effective cooperation by supporting our brand’s new growth targets, initiatives and projects.