We are the communication agency of Securitas which aims to create a safer world since  it began to take place in Turkey. We are proud to work with an exemplary brand that develops preventive and innovative solutions in many categories from physical security to technological protection systems with 370.000 employees in 58 countries, leads the transformation of the security sector by combining its global knowledge with local expertise, and with its values and services.

With our conventional and digital solutions prepared by our experienced and talented team, we have done much more than preserve the strong image of our brand by assimilating the vision, values and global communication strategies of our brand.

From annual magazine to sustainability report, from digital brochures specific to customers and sectors to personalized promotions, from creative magazine ads to product-service catalogs, from social media contents to communication plan, from sponsorship to social responsibility projects, from internal communication to vehicle dressing,from bulletins to 8/16 News and 8/16 Children’s magazines we support our brand with our talents and productivity in many areas of communication.

In every design we produce for our brand, in every discourse we create, we have not only addressed the solutions or successful collaborations that Securitas has developed, but also highlighted the values it produces for the society in which it lives as a corporate citizen. By adopting the common synergy arising from strategy and teamwork, we have developed methods to establish correct and effective communication with all stakeholders in order to further strengthen our brand’s perception and reputation in society. We have looked at the competition and the market from a different and new perspective by carrying the serious care and effort that our brand shows to its reputation and trust perception into our integrated communication efforts.

Today, we continue to prepare impactful studies for our brand, which shapes the security of the future with its employees, whose strong values they share, based on the predictive understanding of security.