In 2017, we became the full service agency of Rubi Platinum, which hosts its guests from different parts of the world with high standards in the heart of the Mediterranean. In the first step of our solution partnership, we conducted extensive research on the tourism and hotel industry.

We used the analysis prepared by our strategy team to understand the expectations of the target audience. Then, we developed the slogan “Almost Paradise” by combining all the data we obtained with creative insight. With the slogan we prepared, we both explained the unique promise offered by our brand and responded to the expectations of the target audience.

In the continuation of our solution partnership, we determined a new communication language and tone of voice for Rubi Platinum. We established a connection with our target audience by using the communication language we determined in the original concepts we prepared.

We renewed the whole face of the brand with our creativity and capabilities; we have brought a modern brand identity to Rubi Platinum with the catalogs, brochures, website interface and advertisements we prepared. While doing all these, we did not leave our brand alone in the digital world; we conducted communication activities targeting the whole world using the contents and new advertising models we prepared for social media.