The Middle East Technical University, which is one of the distinguished and respected institutions of our country with its scientific level, cultural and intellectual weight and qualified graduates, carried out its first communication study in Ankara in 2016 with us. 

Our first job was to promote the The European Researchers’ Night. The communication works we prepared for this colorful organization, which focuses on the home state of science, received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on social media. Our typographic advertising works that went down in the history of METU welcomed the masses at many points from promotional products to all the details of the city.

As a result of the promotional activities, we were flooded with participants during the day-long event.

We continued the same success with our The European Researchers' Night communication activities.

We enabled the institution to interact with its masses with our original works, in which we use conventional and digital channels effectively. Our works that make a difference in university communication were not limited to these, the resounding advertisements of the METU Career Fair also came out of the minds of our creative team.