Since 2016, we have been the solution partner of Medova Hospital, which was established to make a difference in healthcare services with its wide expert staff and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure.

We provide services in all areas of communication for Medova Hospital, where a team experienced in the field of health works. So, what have we done for Medova Hospital since the first day of our cooperation?

We created the unique face of our brand in the field of health with our corporate identity studies, and enriched the visual language we determined with the communication language prepared to serve the strategic purposes of the hospital. We have carried the communication studies we have successfully carried out in the conventional manner to social media with the digital communication plan we prepared in the light of analyzes and researches.

Going beyond conventional and digital solutions, in order for Medova Hospital to reach a wider audience and establish an emotional bond with its mass; we developed projects and expanded the circle of existing projects by constructing their communication.

We helped Medova Hospital, which is with its patients at every moment of life, to overcome the crisis process successfully by not leaving it alone during the Covid-19 pandemic process.

Today, beyond the borders of Konya, serving the health institution and became one of Turkey’s most successful hospital, we share a common pride in conducting all communication activities.