In 2014, Matilla shoes, Turkey’s most reliable leading shoe retailer, which employs more than 3,000 people and sales 1 million shoes annually, became a strong part of our growing family by collaborating with us.

So, how did we create a brand that stands out with every step it takes today? In the first step, we designed Matilla’s logo and corporate identity elements from scratch to create a brand image that evokes energetic, warmth and confidence with our creative team that guides the consumer perception with the power and capacity of design.

By focusing on the market research, field experiences and analysis of our strategy team, we created a marketing language that enables our brand to establish an effective dialogue with the audience it addresses and adapts to its strategic goals. The messages we present to the recipient in all of the communication activities we have prepared; we built works on attractive prices and striking campaigns to accelerate the purchasing behavior of the consumers.

In 2018, we designed an enjoyable advertisement for Matilla Shoes, which focuses on the benefit, clears its excesses with its visual language, and speaks concisely. With this creative work we announced the early summer sale, we received an award in the Best Other in Press category at the Kırmızı Awards.

Considering the dynamics of the sector and consumer expectations, we have ensured that our brand achieves its commercial goals in every channel we take place. We enabled our audience to communicate effectively with our brand by capturing our audience, sometimes between an entertaining movie and sometimes online shopping. In addition to all these, we consumed our product stocks and increased store sales by twenty percent with the “Honey Day” campaign we prepared for Matilla and our other social media communication efforts.