With the creative works we prepared for Mamül, a brand of Abacı Group, which realizes its rational growth targets with its strong investments, we received the Best Retail in Press Award in the first year that Kırmızı opened the Regional Awards Category. These works, which announced the delivery service of our brand, took their place in our agency portfolio as a good example of collective creativity arising from the harmony of our writer and design team.

Our dynamic team, which integrated our creative culture into the business perspective managed the branding process of Mamül, which wants to accompany every moment that feels special with its boutique cakes, produces happy moments for its guests, blends its sweet love with its skills in 2011.

Our creative team that appeals to the brand strategy by taking advantage of field experiences

and the power of data, writes beautiful stories focusing on real insights, directs consumer perception with the power and capacity of design; It successfully demonstrated the capabilities and productivity of Mamül in a wide range of business ranging from corporate identity studies to packaging applications.

With the communication studies we prepared for our brand, which believes that commercial growth depends on creative thoughts, we have made Mamül stand out among marketing practices that create communication pollution and media inflation in the food ecosystem.