Realized by Türkerler Holding as the most ambitious mixed project of Ankara, changing the atmosphere of the city with its unique architecture, breathing living spaces and the new life culture it offers, and gaining value with an ever-increasing momentum thanks to its advantageous location, Mahall Ankara’s communication activities were carried out in 2016 by our communication professionals who always keep their creativity and excitement alive.

Well, how did we contribute to the communication activities of Mahall Ankara, which is the product of successful structuring that has left behind half a century?

We used a sincere and reassuring communication tone with our commercial film, in which we called out with the phrase “no reason to rush, you may pay later”, and we highlighted the crucial point of our campaign. We supported the sales activities of our brand with our creativity in many areas from open air to digital advertising applications, from alternative media to printed works.

Besides all these

For the offices rising from the dynamic living spaces of Mahall Ankara, we created enjoyable works where we synthesized the insight of the neighbors with illustration works by addressing the audience still working on the apartment floor.


We used the most effective tools to reach the target audience in the social media channels of Mahall Ankara with our team, who are the social media experts of brands with high interactions and implement trends, and we received good feedback from our followers with our personalized messages and sales-oriented campaigns with an emotional component.

We have carried the world and unique lines of Mahall Ankara to our catalog work with our team, which does not alienate its target audience and constantly measure the pulse of the sector. We preserved our brand’s online reputation in many areas from search engine optimization to web and social media monitoring, from content profile to crisis management.