Since 2014, we have been working for Lokman, which offers natural, fresh and healthy products to its consumers with 350 kinds of breakfast and picnic products.Lokman is under the umbrella of MND Gıda and is a brand that has adopted the conscious consumption mission.

Well, what did we do for our brand’s communication efforts?

We knew that false assumptions would lead to false predictions, so we created our new marketing language, inspired by the insight of the homeland, by quickly filtering the ideas we have accumulated together with our strategy team, which is an expert in behavioral sciences. We built the first communication concept of Lokman, with which we are partners with the excitement, dreams and goals of production, based on the discourse of “Lokman Famous for Breakfast”. With the communication works we designed for our brand, which bears the flag of leadership in its field with its rich product range, we have enabled a large mass of people longing for the natural flavors of their country to choose the brand in favor of Lokman.

We have not only met during revision processes or briefing periods with our brand, we constantly exchange ideas on many issues such as which advertisements will be spent on media, which packages and promotional materials will increase sales, and which new products will be prioritized, we also support them to make the right decisions in all marketing processes.

In 2019, we brought the image of our brand to a more modern and minimal look with the motto “Taste in Every Bite”. With the packaging works we prepared and the new marketing language we created, we successfully carried our brand to many channels from television to magazine.