We have been the communication agency of the Kutup Group of Companies, one of Turkey’s largest technology stores, for many years.

We support the brand value and strengthen brand image of Kutup, which has been growing since 1954 and progressing by working with world brands such as Samsung, LG, Bosch, Philips, OPPO, Xiomi, Yatsan-Tempur.

What Have We Done
For Our Brand?

In the first step of our solution partnership, we renewed the logo of Kutup, and after the logo work that best expresses the technology-oriented company group, we continued our work by renewing all the corporate identity elements of the brand.

We applied the visual language we set for Kutup, in all stores, nearly 30 shop.  

Kutup Garanti Plus

We also provided communication solutions for the brand of Kutup Garanti Plus, which offers the experience and knowledge of the Pole Group of Companies to the consumer. We have completed all corporate identity work, especially logo design, for Kutup Garanti Plus, which set out with the aim of providing excellent customer satisfaction. We created a strong brand image for Kutup Garanti Plus after this pleasant working process that we completed by establishing close contact with the managers of the brand.

Black Fridays

In the process of digitalization and opening to new markets, we continued our efforts for the Black Fridays online shopping platform by not leaving the Kutup Group of Companies, which we established the brand-agency relationship on strong foundations. While supporting the Kutup Group of Companies in all areas of communication, from conventional communication solutions to digital communication strategies, we have always guided our brand by considering the industry dynamics and consumer expectations. While providing creative solutions to the Kutup Group of Companies in both traditional and digital platforms, we enabled the brand to achieve its commercial goals.

While providing services to the Kutup Group of Companies, to which we contribute to the brand value with numerous creative solutions and successful applications, we continue to ensure the realization of strategic goals by going beyond designs.