We are the first communication agency of The Nation Library of the Presidency which is designed to shine a bright light on minds with its structure bearing traces of Seljuk, Ottoman and contemporary architecture, aiming to be among the world’s leading libraries in terms of its private collections and services, offering access to millions of resources.

The first brief we received from the institution; It was to create a logo work that symbolizes the purpose of existence, unifying and inclusive features of the Millet Library. In this context, we rolled up our sleeves to put forward a work that goes beyond the brief we received with a large team formed from our art directors whose design capabilities we trust.

Our team that combines its productivity with its creative visions; inspired by the line of The Nation Library of the Presidency that synthesizes Turkish-Islamic motifs with the touches of contemporary architecture, he prepared a logo work that the institution will use for years.

Following the study, we started to the research, producing, writing, designing for Turkey's largest library’s opening launch

We managed this difficult but at the same time enjoyable process together in which we needed to do a lot of work in a short time with our art directors who design strong ties between the institution and its mass, our team of writers who play an active role in all stages of communication studies, our digital strategists who constantly feed their teammates with their experience and knowledge our brand representatives who direct the workflow with their point-to-point briefs, our head of the agency who works with us at every stage of the work.

The creative works we produced for the Presidential Millet Library were not limited to the opening launch. Our creative professionals also carried out the communication activities of rare organizations in the world such as the ”Mûcebince Amel Oluna Padişahların El Yazıları Sergisi” and ”Mürekkebin İzi Yazma Eserler Sergisi”.

We put effort, care and creativity in every line of the catalog works we designed for the ‘’Exhibition of Handwriting of the Sultans’’, which includes 8 decrees, 9 letters, 6 notebooks and 93 calligraphy from Suleiman the Magnificent to the last sultan Vahdettin and ‘’Manuscript Exhibition’’ that brings together precious works of culture, art and science activities produced in many different corners of the world from Cairo to Baghdad.

We reached the masses we addressed in high visibility channels of the city with the open air communication works we prepared.

Many works that are the work of our productivity, from corporate identity works we prepared for Millet Library to digital outdoor communication works, from prestige and exhibition catalogs to library commemorative coin designs, have taken their place among the works that not only our agency but also our teammates will be proud of.