We are the communication agency of Çizimhane, which offers advanced architectural services with its design perspective that likes to look at the universe from a different window, its “design-build-manage” concept that gives life to architectural projects, and its projects that bear the traces of a unique story in every line.

We designed a young and dynamic logo that reflects the brand image of Çizimhane, which has put its signature under strong projects with its creative designs and aesthetic architectural approach. For our brand, which has a different perspective and designs the spirit and identity of architectural structures, we have created printed applications in which we reflect the brand identity transparently. We created a new generation visual language in the catalog design in which we highlight the dynamic identity of our brand.

We took steps together at every stage of the social responsibility project implemented by Çizimhane, which makes a difference with its “sensitive, aware and responsible” brand identity elements, in Hatay.

We directed the social responsibility campaign with the motto “Every line is a life” for the Hatay Child Protection, Intervention, Evaluation Service Building and Children’s Homes Site project, of which Çizimhane is among the stakeholders.

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