In 2016, we started project-based work with Bennu Moods, which helps people discover their bodily flexibility, inner peace, guide them to meet with their essence, and develop activities for a more positive life with experienced teachers through yoga and therapy sessions.

In the first step, we created a team that is not unfamiliar to the teachings, colors and philosophy of this world, and we built our brand’s communication strategy on trust, courage and positive concepts. In this context, we prepared communication works that match the stance and reputation of our brand with our communication professionals who went beyond creating “creating catchword slogan and visual that attract attention”.

We have experienced the positive perspective that yoga and therapy sessions have brought to the person, with our printed works that we produce by focusing on the routines of daily life, which are ordinary and often reluctant.

With our original works emphasizing the possibilities and differences of Bennu Moods, we established effective dialogue bridges between the brand and the target audience, mobilized the potential audience that had not practiced yoga before, and differentiated our brand from other yoga studios by pursuing a benefit-oriented communication approach..