Since 2001, our creative team has been conducting the communication activities of Arlight, which shines the artistic face of lighting with its capabilities in technology and design, reflects thousands of shades and functions of light with its rich solutions, and is now part of the company Fagerhult, the giant of the lighting industry.

Well, how did we direct Arlight's branding journey, which continues to work with the ideal of creating permanent values in the light of science?

We have created the original, inspiring and innovative face of our brand in the lighting world with our corporate identity works that we designed from scratch. We have modernized the identity of our brand by creating a logo that contains much more than an icon and is designed according to today’s world with our design team, which has deep knowledge of the anatomical, class, formal and contextual features of colors and typefaces, which are the pure material of branding materials.

From creative campaigns that touch the feelings of the target audience to social media posts with purpose and meaning, from printed applications that convey the corporate culture to its stakeholders, to the fair work where we showcase its values, we have created a growth momentum for our brand with the effective works we have prepared.

While doing this we have added new successes to our portfolio, which we have continuously developed.

In addition to all these, we supported Arlight’s innovative brand culture with our original works under the leadership of our creative strategies that shed light on future trends in brand communication.By getting to know the behaviors, motivations and instincts of our target audience closely, we produced effective communication solutions, and with the advertising language we created, we carried out works that create brand awareness in all channels we take place.

Bugün aydınlatma trendlerine yön veren güçlü bir kuruluşa dönüşen markamızı, her zaman olduğu gibi yaratıcılığımızla desteklemeye devam ediyoruz.